• Document managament
    Manage your documents and digital assets
    How much time and money is your organisation losing due to inefficiencies caused by the lack of a structure for managing your documents and digital assets. .. Read how we can help manage your documents
  • Innovative Business Intelligence
    Change the way your organisation uses data.
    Integrate data from all along the supply chain, so that you can retrieve, process, analyse, report, and act upon critical, timely business data from all events and transactions, across functions, departments and organisations ... Read more
  • Custom Applications
    Change the way your organisation uses data.
    Read about how DgStore was able to build an asset management system that was the ideal match for their unique nusiness processes ... Read more

Software Solutions for Enterprise

Larger organisations and government departments need software that can be deployed across the entire organisation.

Datacraft provides enterprise operations, workflow systems, document management and business intelligence systems for enterprise use. The systems provide scalability, security and management features suitable for corporate networks and environments.

Our enterprise solutions utilise robust and mature Open Source solutions, providing excellent return on investment for our clients.

Document Management.

We help cut through the quagmire of document management systems with innovative Open Source Enterprise Content Management solutions that is as scalable, as powerful, and as affordable as you want it to be.

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Business Intelligence

When you have various sourced of data to deal with, and require accurate reporting, dashboards and the ability to drill down and analyse your data, you need business intelligence solutions that kick butt. Our Open Source BI platform provides

  • Innovative tools to help manage your data.
  • Pixel Perfect Reports
  • Dashboards to monitor performance and progress
  • Tools to analyse the data to find trends, patterns and details that are not immediately apparent.

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Customised Software Solutions

Sometimes, software-in-a-box is just not for you. When traditional software products don't provide you the functionality you need from your software, we provide the ability to create software to run and support your processes.

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