CodeCrafter is an Open Source code generator, for the Code Igniter framework and was designed to help developing web applications. It can generate an entire MVC application in minutes.

CodeCrafter will build CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) source code for your databases. It is designed for busy developers who want a way to automatically generates controller, model and view source code for databases.

Using just a single mouse click, An entire working application can be built from your database in seconds that will run unmodified in CodeIgniter!

The generated code is purposely built to be simple enough so that developers than make intuitive changes to customise the applications.

Future vesrions will provide the ability to perform relational lookups to other tables.

An installation and user manual is included in the download package.


Codecrafter is no longer being actively maintained. If you have any special requests for this product, contact us

Download version 0.3.1 (BETA) (Released 27/06/2007)

Download version 0.3.0 (BETA) (Released 19/01/2007)

Download the CodeCrafter user guide (PDF file, 1 M) (Released 31/10/2006)
Please note that the user guide is for release 0.2.x only

Download version (for CI 1.4.1) (Released 25/10/2006)

Download version 0.2.2 (for CI (Released 25/10/2006)