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    Don't struggle with spreadsheets, Automate invoice creation and delivery, with recurring billing, payment tracking, and statements by schedule or on demand... Read more
  • Web Development
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    Do client use your web site only to find your contact details. Turn your web site into an interactive tool that brings real value to your customers... Read more
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    Serve your Clients Better
    Keep sales, marketing and relationship-building goals on track, improve visibility and organisation of activities track prospect, know your customers, track and perform targeted marketing campaigns. ... Read more
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    Keep in touch with your prospects and customers by sending out announcements, newsletters and surveys... Read more
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Business Software to Increase Profitability and Efficiency

Take a moment to think about the tools at your disposal to help your business become more efficient, more productive, and more profitable. Focus now on your data related technology and tools.

Are you using what you have to its maximum potential? If not, think about what your business will be like if were maximising the potential of your technology. What would your ideal business environment look like? Where you your business be? How many clients will you have? How much income will you be generating? How would you be spending your time?

Make it easier to focus on your vision.

  • Visualise how well you would be interacting with your clients. You would know who they are, what they want, and what makes them happy. You would be spending your time and effort building relationship with them. Can you see how you would you be doing this? Do you know what you will be spending your time doing?
  • Do you have the tools necessary to realise your business goals? Are those tools working for you? Are they affordable, and providing good returns on your investment?
  • Are you spending your time where it really counts - interfacing and providing value for Clients, or are you spending most of your time and energy driving repetitive and administrative tasks within your organisation,
  • Do you have collaborative systems, where work can flow between different parts of your organisation automatically, and you can track bottlenecks as they occur? ,

Do you have the right software tools.

Enterprises today place a significant investment in data related technology, many of them as a "matter of fact". Our strategy for our clients is to allow them to use technology to support their strategic objects, not just operational ones.

Datacraft builds and deploys information system that can help overcome common obstacles faced by organisations. We help organisations deliver innovative software solutions that provide accurate information when it is needed, automate business processes and builds a collaborative environment.

Work for Maximum efficiency and profitability.

Our experience in the software development, project management and Information Strategy areas in general, utilising various Open Source technology stacks provides us with the ability to offer you quality outsourced solutions and consultancy in the following areas:-

Operational Systems

You could be spending more time doings the things that matter, by using software systems to assist with various parts of your operations and administration.

  • Customer Relationship Management Systems
  • Emails and Newsletter Management
  • Marketing campaigns and Sales Force Automation
  • Financial tools, invoicing and order management
  • Operational systems
  • Administration systems

Customised Application Development.

Some software solutions are quite rigid, and force you to change the way you do things to account for their own limitations. Your business is different, so not all software packages will work out of the box for you

Our approach to deploying software solutions is to get the software to comply to your way of doing things, instead of the other way around. This decreases training requirements as the system is intuitive to your workforce, and allows for increased productivity.

Manage your web site

So, you've invested time and money into your web site, but how much value is it bringing you. You can move your website from a static source of contact and product information into a vibrant tool that is an important part of your marketing and operation.

Maximise your website by converting it into a powerful administration and marketing mechanism that opens your business to the world, 24/7/365. We help you realise the core purposes of you website : Describing Expertise, Building reputation, generating leads and converting sales.

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